workshop faqs

How many workshops can I attend?

You may attend a total of 4 workshops: one Friday evening and three on Saturday. Click here to view the conference schedule.

Do I have to attend a workshop during each session?

Not at all. All workshops are optional.

What if I can't get there by 5:45pm Friday and/or don't want to arrive at 7am on Saturday?

Simply choose Free Time during any workshop session that you wish to skip.

When is lunch offered?

Lunch will be served during Workshop 2 (10:35-11:30am) and Workshop 3 (12:15-1:10pm). If you'd like to sit down and enjoy your lunch at a leisurely pace, select Lunch during the workshop of your choice when you register. With this option, you enjoy lunch in lieu of attending a workshop.

What is the Grab & Go lunch?

The Grab & Go option allows you to attend as many workshops as possible. You will pick up and eat your lunch quickly during a 45-minute break between 11:30am-12:15pm. Since the majority of women choose this option, you are not guaranteed a seat; you may end up eating outside or in other locations around campus. Food may not be taken into workshops.

How do I choose the Grab & Go option?

If you order a box lunch and choose workshops during sessions 2 and 3, you will automatically be assigned to the Grab & Go lunch.

Is the Grab & Go lunch different from the lunch served during workshops 2 and 3?

The optional box lunch from Panera is the same regardless of when you choose to eat.

What does Teen Exclusive mean?

Teen Exclusive workshops are designed specifically for girls in grades 7-12. Moms and youth leaders are also welcome.

Why do I have to list alternate workshops? Will you change my workshop choices?

Every effort will be made to accommodate your top workshop choices, including changing their order and/or switching workshops from Friday to Saturday and vice versa. In the unlikely event that we cannot place you into your top choices, you may be assigned to an alternate workshop.

I signed up at the same time as my friend. Will that guarantee we have the same schedule?

To be sure your workshop schedule is the same as your friend, please include her name on the registration form. Simply submitting your registrations together will not guarantee that your schedules will match.

I paid a workshop supply fee but was not placed in that workshop. Now what?

If we are unable to place you into a requested workshop after you have paid the workshop supply fee, a refund will be issued after the event.

Should I pay the supply fee if I choose a hands-on workshop as an alternate?

No. You should only pay the fee if the workshop is one of your top choices. In the event that you are placed into a workshop with a fee as an alternate, we will contact you to collect payment prior to the event.

When will I find out if I was placed in the workshops I chose?

You will receive your final workshop schedule during registration check-in the weekend of the event. Due to the high volume of registrations received, we cannot confirm workshop choices prior to the event.